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Chainsaw carvings, my specialty, taken to an art form ... from handcrafted, authentic chain saw carving of bears, dogs, totem poles and a myriad of other subjects, to unique signature piece furniture & sculpture. I am primarily a chainsaw carver, but the chain saw is only the first tool used in this exciting carving process. Then I proceed to chisels, knives & various other power tools until the desired result to please both the customer & myself is achieved. From whimsical to stylized to realistic, an ordinary piece of firewood is transformed into something that will evoke an emotion within you. Whether it is a smile, or awe at the power and majesty of many of God's creations.

Formerly nestled in the foothills of the Selkirk Mountains in the northern Idaho panhandle ... nature & wildlife inspired my art.
On any given day I might've been out in the high country, or near a local lake or stream, observing or sketching what might be the subject for my next carving. Now, relocated back to my native Illinois, I'm working off these past experiences to create new pieces of art. Hopefully Yours!

Browse the on-line catalog or feel free to contact me for custom commissions. Either free standing, or carved from a tree stump in your yard.
I enjoy designing and creating large scale, monumental sculptures from standing tree trunks. Your questions and comments are always welcome!
Hope you enjoy looking around - Eric


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All chainsaw carvings sold on this site are made in the USA

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